August 2015

Orkestar MÉZÉ featured in Bulgarian media

It has been an exciting summer that began with the release of our second and self-titled record. Since then, media on both sides of the ocean have enthusiastically embraced the album, with an especially wonderful response and support by Bulgarian print media and radio. “Standart” – one of the biggest newspapers there, featured 2 separate materials on the band and it’s leader Milen Kirov (one of them was a 2-page spread!).










On August 1st Radio Horizont (National Bulgarian Radio) featured a 2-hour radio premiere of our album with an in-studio interview with Milen and phone-ins from Theodosii Spassov, Todor Kirov, Ivo Christov (producer/distributor) and Ivaylo Kitzov (journalist).

DoboMarzon Varna









On August 8th, Dobo Marzov of Radio Varna interviewed Milen on his show “45 RPM” featuring a few songs off the new album.

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